Why Mobile Grooming?

      * Less stressful for pet
      * No cage drying
      * Convenience for owner
      * Less time - no waiting in cage

Mobile Pet Spa in Tampa Bay area!
My Spa Trailer has a 6 foot tub! Perfect for large dogs, and multiple pets.
My Services:

* Basics - ears, eyes, teeth, nails and combing or brushing as needed
  * Specialty Shampoo - for shedding, sensitive skin, allergy issues and stinky dog
      * Specialty Conditioner - for same as above
      * Basic trim: eyes, ears, paw pads and sanitary area
      * Haircut as requested by owner or suggested by me

Sharon Miner
Call or text me at 814-937-0704 for more information, a price quote and appointment availability.

I offer multiple pet discount and military discount.

I groom cats too!

My rig is self-contained with power, air conditioning and water. All I need is a place to park!